Suzanne Ruder, Ph.D.

Associate Chair
Oliver Hall 4023


B.S. 1982 College of St. Benedict - St. John's University
Ph.D. 1986, Washington State University

Honors and Awards

2012 VCU Distinguished Teaching Award
2009 VCU College of Humanities and Sciences Teaching Award

Research interests

Our research in the area of chemical education relates to the creation, use, and impacts of guided inquiry in the large classroom environment. One project involves developing and assessing active learning strategies and student transferable (process) skills. We have developed novel feedback rubrics to provide feedback to students on their transferable skills during team activities and in written work. Writing and testing materials that focus on transferable skills is also part of this project. Another project is investigating how errors made on organic chemistry concepts relate to these transferable skills and whether instruction and feedback on the progress of these skills will increase student understanding.

Select publications

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