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Maryanne Collinson receives the 2017 American Chemical Society-VA Section Distinguished Research Award

December 11, 2017

Maryanne Collinson, the John B. Fenn Professor in Chemistry, received the 2017 American Chemical Society-VA Section Distinguished Research Award.

Nick Farrell named University Professor

December 11, 2017

VCU Board of Victors named Professor Nick Farrell a University Professor which recognizes faculty members who teach or conduct research that crosses discipline boundaries and have an established prominence in multiple fields of study, with national or international recognition in at least one field of study. Dr. Farrell’s research crosses the disciplinary boundaries of chemistry, biochemistry, chemical biology and medical sciences, and he has achieved prominence and international recognition in each of those fields.

Samy El-Shall named Commonwealth Professor

December 11, 2017

VCU Board of Victors named Professor Samy El-Shall a Commonwealth University which recognizes faculty members with extraordinary scholarly attainment, educational advancement, or leadership in an academic discipline or field of study, with national or international distinction. Dr. El-Shall’s research couples intrinsic scientific merit in the fields of clusters, nucleation, nanostructured materials and catalysis with significant real-world applications in energy production, conversion and storage as well as for clean environment, including pollution-free air and sustainable clean-water resources.

Dr. Charlene D Crawley will be honored by Minority Access Inc.

September 27, 2017

Dr. Charlene D Crawley will be honored by Minority Access Inc. as a National Role Model for her exemplary work as a mentor, advisor, and advocate for students pursuing a variety of careers in the natural and health sciences. 

Dr. Lachelle Waller Honored

September 18, 2017

Dr. Lachelle Waller was honored by the Office of the Provost with their Excellence in Advising/Advising Innovator Award.

Congratulations to Samy El-Shall & Maryanne Collinson

July 31, 2017

”It is my distinct honor to congratulate two of our distinguished faculty members: Dr. M. Samy El Shall, who has been appointed by the President and the Board of Visitors as the Mary Eugenia Kapp Chair in Chemistry, and Dr. Maryann Collinson, who has been appointed as the John B. Fenn Professor in Chemistry effective June 23, 2017. These appointments recognize Samy and Maryann’s exemplary contributions to teaching, research and public service.

Sally and Mike Hunnicutt named Blue Sky Fund ‘Volunteers of the Year’

July 31, 2017

VCU Chemistry’s Sally and Mike Hunnicutt have been named Volunteers of the Year for their work with the Blue Sky Fund.  Blue Sky Fund is a local organization that looks to transfer the lives of urban youth through outdoor education. For more information please visit:

Indika Arachchige received the CHS Excellence in Scholarship Award

April 11, 2017

Indika Arachchige received the 2017 College of Humanities and Sciences Excellence in Scholarship Award.