Picture of Sally Hunnicutt

Sally Hunnicutt, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs (Science and Mathematics) - Professor
Oliver Hall 3035


A. B. 1983 Duke University
M.S. 1986 University of Utah Thesis Adviser: Dr. Charles Wight
Ph.D. 1990 University of Cincinnati Thesis Adviser: Dr. Joyce Guest

Honors and awards

  • 2014, VCU Distinguished Teaching Award
  • 2012, VCU College of Humanities & Sciences Teaching Award
  • 1989, Procter & Gamble American Chemical Society Division of Physical Chemistry Award

Research interests

Our chemical education research interests relate to the creation, use, and impacts of guided inquiry in different classroom environments.  Our current project focuses on revising physical chemistry laboratory experiments to incorporate guided inquiry and examining the effects of those changes on faculty and students.  The project is titled POGIL-PCL, Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning® – Physical Chemistry Laboratory. New experiments are developed collaboratively with physical chemistry faculty from across the United States at workshops, which take place at VCU.

Select publications

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