STEAM Day 2017

March 25, 2017

The STEAM Day 2017 event held at Marguerite Christian Elementary School, on March, 6, 2017, was a HUGE success! The event was student driven and led by our very own Chemistry@VCU ACS student affiliates.  We had over 30 volunteers (undergraduate students, faculty graduate students, and community partners)!!!   We are extremely proud of our VCU students who dedicated their spring break to serving in the community.  During the event 16 engaging stations or demonstrations were designed to provide awareness in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.


Partners and Students who made STEAM Day 2017 a success:

Chemistry@VCU Student organization
ACS student affiliates at VCU
Va Section ACS
ACS Student affiliates at Virginia State University
VCU Black Men in Medicine
Forensic Science Student Club at VCU
Health Phys Ed and Exercise Science (HPX) VCU (student volunteer)
Department of Biology at VCU (student volunteer)
Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at VCU (Mathematics K-12 Outreach)
TRAKD non profit organization