Enrollment FAQ

Q: If a chemistry lecture course has a laboratory associated with it, am I required to enroll in the laboratory during the same semester that I enroll in the lecture?

A: You can take the lecture without the lab in a given semester, and then take the lab in a subsequent semester, as both typically have their own course number and CRN. Keep in mind, though, that the lab typically reinforces the concepts taught in lecture and aids in the understanding of the lecture. It is strongly recommended that you take lecture and lab concurrently. You should consult with your academic advisor before enrolling in a lecture and its associated laboratory during different semesters. You must also consider that all chemistry laboratory courses have prerequisite(s) and/or corequisite(s). Prerequisites must be completed prior to taking the course in question; corequisites are taken at the same time as the course in question

 Q: If I enroll in a lecture course (i.e., CHEM 301), am I automatically enrolled in the associated lab (i.e., CHEZ 301)?

A: No. A chemistry laboratory is always a separate course from its respective lecture course. It carries its own credit (usually one or two credit hours) and grade. If you want to take the lab for any chemistry course, you must register for it in addition to the lecture course.

Q: Can I take CHEM 309 concurrently with CHEM 303?

A: You are not allowed to do this because CHEM 309 is a prerequisite for CHEM 303.  However you can take CHEZ 309 and CHEZ 303 concurrently.

Lecture Schedule Times

Q: There are different times posted on the schedule for each section of some chemistry courses. What do these times mean?

A: The first time posted on the schedule is the lecture time and will meet multiple times throughout a one week period. This is when the instructor covers new course material. You are strongly urged to attend every lecture period of every course in which you enroll. The second time posted is the recitation session.  Recitation sessions provide a forum for students to ask the instructor or teaching assistant questions about course material, work through group based activities, etc. You are strongly encouraged to participate in recitation sessions as this will help you to perform well in the course.

Q: Can I attend a recitation session for a course section other than the one in which I am enrolled?

A: No.  Due to the large enrollment numbers in Chemistry, you will need to attend the recitation session that you enrolled in.