Q: How do I make an appointment with my advisor? 

A: Before Advising Week you will receive an email from your advisor with their electronic calender. Please sign up for a meeting right away. If you miss advising week, you will need to contact your advisor, via email and ask to set up a meeting at their convenience.

Q: Do I need to meet with my advisor every semester? 

A: Yes, the Department of Chemistry has mandatory advising. If you not meet with your Chemistry advisor, a registration hold will be placed on your account.

Q: I meet with my Honor’s College and/or Pre-Health advisor already, do I still need to meet with my Chemistry Advisor? 

A:Yes, We want to make sure that you understand all the requirements needed to fulfill your degree in Chemistry.

Q: How do I find out who my advisor is? 

A: If you are a new major you will receive an email from the Chemistry Department prior to advising week.  Your Chemistry Advisor will then later contact you with access to their electronic calender. ***Your chemistry advisor will NOT show up on eservices***.

Adding a Major or Changing a Major

Q: I changed my major after a new bulletin was issued. Which bulletin do I follow?

A: A student’s effective bulletin will remain in effect until the degree is awarded. Therefore, a change in academic program major, concentration, or minor will not result in a change in effective bulletin unless the program of study went into effect under a later bulletin.

Q: I would like to declare or add a 2nd major in chemistry.  What is the process?

A: Please send an email to chemadvising@vcu.edu indicating that you would like to declare a chemistry major.  Upon receipt of this email, you will be sent a link to Google calendar that will allow you to schedule an appointment to meet with the Director of Undergraduate Advising and discuss this declaration.

Q: I am a current chemistry major, but would like to change to another discipline. What is the process?

A: To change majors, you will need to take a Change of Major/Minor Form to the new department in which you wish to declare your major.  Also, be mindful that until the change is effective in e-services, you will still need to meet with your chemistry advisor to prevent a hold from being placed on your account. Additionally, although not required, we would ask that you send an email to chemadvising@vcu.edu indicating that you will be or have changed your major.

Adding a Chemistry Minor

To declare a Minor in Chemistry, students will need to:

1.    Complete a Change of Major/Concentration/Minor form indicating Chemistry as the minor.

2.    Bring the completed form to Oliver Hall 3041.

3.      The form will be signed with the required signatures and submitted on your behalf.

*Please note that it may take several weeks for the minor to appear on DegreeWorks.*