General policies

  • No food or beverages near the spectrometers.
  • Do not leave your NMR tube in the NMR facility.
  • If a sample breaks in the magnet, contact the NMR Facility Director immediately (by phone or in person) so the probe can be cleaned. Minimum information needed: name and structure of the compound if known, or at least class of compound, name of solvent, toxicity of material, and other solvents which dissolve it, special precautions in handing if it is toxic. Please leave a note on the instrument keyboard warning users not to use the instrument. This will minimize probe damage.
  • Repairs for any damage to the probes resulting from user error will be charged to the user group.
  • If there is problem, leave a note or contact the NMR Facility Director if it cannot be resolved by following Troubleshooting FAQ.
  • All users must lock and shim on the dummy sample and LOGOUT from your account when finished with the spectrometer. The dummy sample on the instruments is CDCl3. If the dummy sample breaks, contact the  NMR Facility Director so that it can be replaced.
  • READ THE MANUAL! You will find most of your questions are addressed in the 1D instruction manual.

Access to instruments

Instruments are accessible to anyone who has been trained by the NMR Facility Director. You should plan your training at least one week in advance. The training forms are available from the NMR facility and web site. Complete the training form and return it to the NMR Facility Director. No unauthorized training!

Each authorized user group is given an account on the instruments. Please use a secure password and do NOT let anyone else use your account.

Restrictions on usage

ON 400 MHz NMR:

Reservation for Minutes and less than 5 hours, reserve within a week. Cancellation must be made at least 1 hour in advance.

Reservation for more than 5 hours & overnight, reserve within two weeks. Cancellation must be made at least 5 hrs in advance.

Days, Reserve within a month. Cancellation must be made at least one day in advance.


ON 600 MHz NMR:

In order for the high-end instrument to effectively service faculty/students with their research needs and bring great benefits to Department/VCU/, the training/usage on 600 NMR will be based on your special request on your “real sample / research project”. Please the email NMR Facility Director if you need to use 600 NMR for discussions concerning your project and to schedule training.

If you reserve time, it is your responsibility to be there during that time and also to be finished at the proper time unless problems are encountered. If you cannot be present for your reserved time, it is your responsibility to cancel it from the time slot. It will be charged to your account for non- or late-cancellation