CRIF - Policies

  1. Students in undergraduate labs have priority for use during the scheduled lab times.
  2. Contact the instrument TA, Analytical faculty coordinator or Director of Instrumentation for training before using any departmental instrument.
  3. Research usage is currently done as a first-come first-serve basis. Before using the instruments as a walkup user, ensure your time needs will not overlap a scheduled undergraduate course slot. Minimum time slots are 15 minutes.
  4. Be sure to fill out the applicable information on the log sheets located on the clipboard beside each instrument. Students in undergraduate labs should put the lab number in the comment section, as budget code information is not applicable. (i.e. CHEZ304, 5-XXXXX)
  5. Most scheduling slots minimums are 15 minutes. If it is determined a user is not logging their usage properly, facility privileges may be restricted or revoked.
  6. All user solutions and samples must be removed from the facility at the conclusion of the experiment. There is minimal bench space, thus no experimental set-up in the facility is permitted
  7. Gloves worn for sample preparation must be removed before using any instrument computer.
  8. The doors need to remain closed and locked if the rooms are unoccupied.
  9. Notify the Director of Instrumentation immediately in case of accidents or problems with an instrument or other facility equipment.
  10. Eye protection must be worn at all times.
  11. Neither eating nor drinking is permitted in the instrument facility at any time.
  12. All workstations must be left neat, clean and cleared of all chemicals, vials, weigh papers, refuse, writing implements, etc.