CPMSC Facility: Instruments


The crowning jewel of the Mass Spec Core is the Orbitrap Velos mass spectrometer from Thermo Electron Corporation. The high sensitivity, high mass resolution, and high mass accuracy of this instrument make it ideal for proteomics experiments. We have chosen to pair the Orbitrap with a nanoAcquity LC from Waters Corporation, which gives outstanding chromatographic resolution with minimal waste generation. The nanoAcquity can be used to perform 2-dimensional chromatographic separations, using ion exchange as the first dimension and C18 as the second.

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Our newest instrument is the 5800 MALDI TOF-TOF from AB Sciex.  The MALDI is capable of generating data from samples which have limited solubility in water or organic solvents, and it is more robust at handling samples with salts or detergents.  It can be used for basic mass determination of small molecules, peptides, or intact proteins, as well as other macromolecules.  It also has fragmentation capability either by post-source decay or an internal CID cell, yielding fragmentation information which aids in structure elucidation.  It can be coupled with an off-line nanoLC and automated spotter robot for proteomics experiments, and we are also in the process of gathering information on the use of this instrument for such advanced projects as tissue imaging.

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Ancillary equipment

The Mass Spec Core has various pieces of equipment handy for sample prep, including an incubator, a SpeedVac, and a capillary laser puller. For more information on ancillary equipment, please contact the Mass Spec Core staff.