Third Year

Register at least 9 credits of Graduate Courses to be Full Time

By this point you should have completed the 18-credit requirement of graduate didactic courses for PhD, therefore, from here on you can register only non-didactic courses:

CHEM 690 Research Seminar in Chemistry (seminar attendance)

CHEM 697 Directed Research, enough credits to complete a total of 9 graduate credits.

Nevertheless, you can still take recommended electives or courses from other programs. In any case, to be eligible for tuition waiver and receive stipend from TA, DA or RA appointment, you must register at least 9 graduate credits even they are only non-didactic courses.

Present Oral Candidacy Exam No Later than the End of your 5th Semester

You are encouraged to present the oral exam as soon as you finish the cumulative exams, even if that occurs before the beginning of your 3rd year. Failure to meet the 5th semester deadline will get you a U grade in CHEM 697 for that semester. You must write a manuscript following the format stipulated in the Chemistry Handbook and submit it to your committee two weeks prior to the Oral Exam. You are responsible for reserving the classroom and coordinating the exam date with your thesis committee. Notify immediately the Graduate Administrative Assistant of the date, location and title of your manuscript, so that a candidacy file with signature forms can prepared for the date of the exam. Your manuscript must contain a summary of the research you have completed so far and a section of proposed work. The day of the exam, you must begin with a 20-minunte presentation covering the material described in your manuscript, followed by questions and discussion with the committee (~2 h). You will be evaluated on your ability to communicate, interpret and analyze scientific data critically, as well as your depth and capacity for conducting research independently, including proposing new experiments. Failure to pass the Oral Candidacy Exam, will automatically restrict you to a Master degree with expected graduation within a year.

File Candidacy Application with Graduate Administrative Assistant Promptly

Once you pass the Oral Candidacy Exam, get the signatures from your committee and be sure to have the form delivered to the Graduate Administrative Assistant so it can be signed by the Graduate Director and submitted for further approval. Do this quickly because to be officially a PhD candidate, it has to be confirmed by the dean’s office and graduate school, which usually takes several weeks. Additionally, you cannot apply for candidacy if you have not completed the preceding requirements (18 credits of didactic courses, literature seminar and cumulative exams). Furthermore, scholarships that provide RA support are only awarded to PhD candidates.