Second Semester

Select Thesis Committee

After consulting with advisor, notify your thesis committee selection, to Graduate Administrative Assistant and Graduate Director by February 1 if starting in Fall, and by September 1 if starting in Spring. Missing this deadline will get you an unsatisfactory “U” grade in CHEM 697 for the second semester.

Register Courses to Complete the 9-credit core

Continue with the course plan outlined by GEAC and if you have completed the 9-credit core, start taking recommended electives. A complete catalog of accepted electives is listed in the VCU Graduate Bulletin for chemistry PhD located on the VCU bulletin. You should however consult the “Schedule of Classes” link on the main VCU website to find out the offerings for the current semester. Courses out of your area of specialization are also acceptable electives. To prevent overload, avoid taking more than 9 credits of didactic courses per semester but be sure to include the following non-didactic courses:

CHEM 698 Investigations in Current Literature, (it must be taken once prior to presenting literature seminar).

CHEM 693 Chemistry Perspectives and Ethics, if your second semester is Fall.

CHEM 690 Research Seminar in Chemistry

CHEM 697 Directed Research, enough credits to complete a total of 12 graduate credits.