Student Awards & Scholarships

Students will need to apply

All information on scholarship opportunities in the Department of Chemistry can be found on the College of Humanities and Sciences online system. Applications and supplemental materials should be submitted electronically through the website. See links below for details including application deadlines and requirements.

Scholarship opportunities in the department include:

Altria Graduate Assistantships in Chemistry

Jon & Wendy Baker Award Fund

Gerald and Susan Bass Scholarship

Distinguished Chemist Fund

Drs. Billy L. Stump and Raphael M. Ottenbrite Fellowship in Chemistry

David F. Ingraham Scholarship

James V. Quagliano Fellowship in Chemistry

Albert T. Sneden III Scholarship in Chemistry

Lidia M. Vallarino Scholarship

The amount of each scholarship varies as determined by the VCU Foundation Policy. Recipients of scholarships through the College are asked to participate in stewardship activities that are coordinated by the VCU Foundation and/or the Office of the Dean. Such activities may include writing a letter of thanks to the donor(s) and attending special functions. Scholarship recipients may be featured in College or university communications.


(students do not apply)

CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award

• selected by general chemistry coordinator

• “best” general chemistry student

American Chemistry Society Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

• selected by the analytical chemistry division

• “best” chem309/chez309 student (not graduating senior)

Mary E. Kapp Service Award

• selected by the awards committee/ SAACS advisor

• usually involved with SAACS

• chemistry major

American Chemical Society Award, Virginia Section

• selected by award committee

• chemistry major with a high GPA (not necessarily the highest)

• Professional Chemist advising track

• working on thesis or independent study

American Institute of Chemists Award

• outstanding senior student award

• chemistry major with the highest GPA

• preference for student who did independent study