Bruker AVANCE III 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer

The NMR is equipped with two probes, with four RF channels for generation of phase, amplitude and frequency. The instrumentation shall generate 1D/2D/3D spectroscopic data for full state of the art elucidation of molecular solution structure. This feature makes the instrument especially suited for experiments that have low sensitivity and on samples that are limited in quantity. This new system will significantly enhance the sensitivity for study of large proteins and DNA in water and limited amounts of sample from natural product extraction, drug metabolites and a long/complex synthetic procedure Inverse quadruple resonance (QXI) probe for observation of 1H while decoupling 13C, 15N, and 31P. The inner coil is double tuned to observe 1H with 31P decoupling. The outer NMR coil is double tuned for decoupling on 13C and 15N. All four channels can be operated simultaneously. Multinuclear broadband observe (BBO) probe with digital tuning covering the range from 15N to 31P with 1H decoupling, 1H channel tunable to 19F. Spectrometer is also equipped with BCU-05, pre-cooling and stabilization accessory, for ultra-precise temperature control from near ambient conditions down to 0 oC sample temperature.

Restrictions on usage

In order for the high-end instrument to effectively service faculty/students with their research needs and bring great benefits to Department/VCU/, the training/usage on 600 NMR will be based on your special request on your “real sample / research project”. Please email me if you need to use 600 NMR. Then I will discuss with you and schedule training.

If you reserve time, it is your responsibility to be there during that time and also to be finished at the proper time unless problems are encountered. If you cannot be present for your reserved time, it is your responsibility to cancel it from the time slot. It will be charged to your account for non- or late-cancellation.

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