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Everett Carpenter


1996 Appalachian State University, B.S. Environmental Chemistry

1999 University of New Orleans, PhD Inorganic Chemistry

2000 National Research Council Fellowship, Materials Physics


Research in the magnetics laboratory is focused on the synthesis and characterization of new nanomagnetic materials.  Current high efficiency motors utilize rare earth elements which are expensive and have uncertain supply chains.  Our group has developed a new class of magnets which contain no rare earths.   Our goals are to develop this new magnet system for use in renewable energy applications such as power generators and electric motors.  In addition to clean energy applications, we are also interested in the development of other nanoparticle systems for catalysis, biomedical applications, and many other applications.

Selected Publications

Room Temperature Synthesis of Highly Magnetic Cobalt Nanoparticles by Continuous Flow in a Microfluidic Reactor

DM Clifford, AA El-Gendy, AJ Lu, D Pestov, EE Carpenter

Journal of Flow Chemistry 4 (3), 148-152

Enhanced magnetic anisotropy in cobalt-carbide nanoparticles

AA El-Gendy, M Qian, ZJ Huba, SN Khanna, EE Carpenter

Applied Physics Letters 104 (2), 023111

Modified Seed Growth of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Benzyl Alcohol–Optimization for Heating and Broad Stability in Biomedical Applications

SEG III, EE Carpenter, MD Shultz

Monitoring the formation of carbide crystal phases during the thermal decomposition of 3d transition metal dicarboxylate complexes

ZJ Huba, EE Carpenter

Dalton Transactions 43 (32), 12236-12242

Synthesis of multiphasic inhomogeneous Mo/MoC nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation

L Franzel, K Phumisithikul, MF Bertino, EE Carpenter

Journal of nanoparticle research 15 (11), 1-6

Ethanol assisted reduction and nucleation of ferromagnetic Co and Ni nanocrystalline particles

ZJ Huba, EE Carpenter

CrystEngComm 15 (44), 8919-8923

Magnetic properties of Co2C and Co3C nanoparticles and their assemblies

KJ Carroll, ZJ Huba, SR Spurgeon, M Qian, SN Khanna, DM Hudgins, …

Applied Physics Letters 101 (1), 012409